Have you ever stepped onto a ferryboat, which sinks lower and lower into the river with the boarding of each vehicle?! You were not alone in your worries; the same feelings of concern are what set international load lines into place to prevent overloading.

With the loss of British ships in the 1860’s, politician Samuel Plimsoll took up the cause to establish marks that indicated the maximum safe zone for loading. These are known as Plimsoll lines. So, did you ever think that you shoes could have Plimsoll lines, which, if surpassed by water, your feet get wet?!

In the 1830’s, the Liverpool Rubber Company (later Dunlop) developed a canvas athletic shoe with rubber soles. Since the upper line around the sole resembled the load line around the hull of a ship, in the 1870’s the shoes were nicknamed Plimsolls! They also have been referred to as sneakers, Chucks, sandshoes, tennis shoes, gutties, and dappers.

Well, regardless of name, now you can have your own pair of Plimsolls, ranging from madras check to bright patchwork suede, all of which are part of the F-Troupe collection!

Mick Hoyle launched F-Troupe in 2003 with a view to bridging the gap between affordability and designer footwear. Based in London, the label has produced 70 styles, which are sold in 24 countries.

Drawing inspiration from flea markets to museums, the in-house design team led by Mick creates eclectic and imaginative footwear that is original, accessible, and well-designed.

Besides Plimsolls, this season you can choose from walking boots with flashes of lego colors to multi-colored suede boots—the perfect sneaker-moccasin hybrid. The loose boot has become an F-Troupe signature item.

Slideshow 2009 spring/summer & autumn winter collections Copyright by F-Troupe.
Photo 2009 spring/summer collection Copyright by

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