“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

The spirit is the vital force that exists within living things; Elusiv is the menswear label that embodies the spirit of today’s intuitive and stylish Kiwi man.

“Every item of Elusiv clothing is defined by a story of its influences,” says designer Nicola Reilly. “There is distinctive detailing that instills in each garment the quality, fit, fabric and structure of the spirit of New Zealand,” she says.

Elusiv understands versatility like no other with the summer range promising ready-to-wear clothing that requires next to no styling; these pieces will become a lasting part of any man’s

Both casual and formal pieces cater to every guy’s summer needs. Structured waistcoats to relaxed fitting tees, every occasion is covered with a range of print designs and sleeve lengths.

The jewel of the Elusiv summer collection however, has to be shirts. “We have really focused on shirts this season: shirts for work, weddings, race days; wherever you want to look sharp, there is an Elusiv shirt to fit the bill,” says Reilly.

The collection features Elusiv’s characteristic neutral earthy tones, punctuated with stunning cobalt blue and the purity of white.

Kiwi men will be proud to get dressed into the spirit of New Zealand with Elusiv tees that integrate designs of traditional New Zealand culture with a fashion forward element; and now that Reilly has her own screen-printing facilities, there are new designs available every week at their online store at elusiv.co.nz.

Let Spirit from Elusiv be your style guide this summer.



















New Zealand 2010-11 Spring/Summer Series: (Remember, your winter may be Kiwi summer!)
Doosh—Spring/Summer 2010-11 in New Zealand: “Wild at Heart”
Rembrandt—Spring/Summer 2010/11 in New Zealand: “Goldeneye”
Trix & Dandy —Spring/Summer 2010/11 in New Zealand: “Dazed but Not Confused”
Wayward Heir—Spring/Summer 2010/11 in New Zealand: “If I’m Alive, I’m Swinging”
21 Grams—Spring/Summer 2010/11 in New Zealand: “Sicker than your Average Bear”
Silverdale—Spring/Summer 2010/11 in New Zealand

Photos 2010-11 s/s collection “Spirit” Courtesy Coco PR, Copyright Elusiv.

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