Now celebrating 5 years of European-influenced men’s fashion, the New Zealand label Elusiv is presenting a remix of all that, which designer Nicola Reilly represents.

“This collection is all about sophistication and understated style,” says Nicola. “I want guys to have fun with the way they dress. They shouldn’t feel restricted or pressured to dress a certain way. It’s all about breaking free of the mould.”

The collection is based on Elusiv’s most successful items, which have been handpicked by Nicola herself: tailored coats and jackets, fitted jeans and pants, stylish t-shirts, and a wide assortment of accessories—all of which are designed to last long with little upkeep.

While these items are the most Enduring of a man’s wardrobe, the color palette is completely reminiscent of the rugged New Zealand coastline.

“They are stormy colors,” says Reilly: “colors of a West Coast beach after a high tide.”

Photo Copyright Elusiv.

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