Native to Macerata in Le Marche of central Italy, Elia Maurizi has already kicked off his third collection of shoewear.

Born in 1981, Elia was recently discovered last year at the “Who’s on Next” contest of Pitti Uomo, which has launched his shoewear from Italy to the northern capitals of Europe.

For autumn/fall 2010-11, Elia reinterprets the 1950 footwear of the U.S. and Paris, while stepping into the stark colors and spacious fits of the 1980’s.

Elia has laced his shoe line into what he calls five worlds:

Go Ride a Mule
—trails through the countryside of the 1960’s with outdoor picnics and open-air fishing.

Je m’apelle Pierre
—journeys to France for the Parisian refinement of the Fifties.

Dr. Pierre
—lands us in London to the beats of the Beatles.

L’Enfant Terrible
—wears funny clown shoes, transforming fashion into a clown.

Tu Vuo’ Fa’ l’Americano (You Want to Be American)
—returns us to the U.S. in the 1930’s to the miners of Tennessee and the easy riders of the Texan desert!

Elia Maurizi—100% made in Italy.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Elia Maurizi.

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