I normally don’t post press releases word for word but rather prefer to rewrite them in my own words.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to almost every rule and—besides—I do not think I could express the following concept any better:

“Far from being neck deep in sawbucks and cruising Easy Street like they planned, the dynamic criminal duo of glamorous Trix and sly Dandy are on the lamb from the law.

To make a dollar Trix is doing any gig she can get at the more swanky underground clubs, while Dandy is scamming and skimming on the poker tables in backroom casinos.

The double act is the inspiration for the dynamic new diffusion label from Michael Pattison.

Only in its second season, the winter 2010 range sees the Dandy man in relaxed tees with iconic and pop art prints; hoodies with a wider range of color options, knit options and because you can’t get into a casino without a collar, shirts that focus on subtle detailing.

‘The menswear is about pieces that have a bit of designer flair but that work for both casual and corporate environments,’ says Pattison.

‘The collection is unied by styles rather than a distinctive color palette,’ says Pattison.

‘If you love dressing glam and hitting the big bad city for a night of hustling and gun play, those dressed in Trix & Dandy will help you pull off any caper in style.’”

Photos Copyright Trix & Dandy.

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