Denham is proud to present their variation of the M65 jacket, the DUTY. The M65 style has been part of us military livery for over 40 years. Originally introduced in 1965 to replace
the M-1951 field jacket, it was used by soldiers during the Vietnam and Korean Wars and is still in official military service today.

The original M65 jacket was made from a water and wind resistant cotton-nylon fabric. This limited edition style was made using vintage Dutch Army ponchos.  The Dutch
camouflage pattern is very close to the British and Denham elected to use this reclaimed fabric with its backside forward.  The ponchos had been treated with a water-resistant coating which had started to de-laminate, Denham’s designers liked the visual character of this de-lamination so much, they flipped the fabric inside-out and built this edition of the Duty backwards. 

Denham’s variation on the original M65 includes their Piggy-Back Pocket system and the addition of a vertical zipped airline ticket pocket increase the front pocket-count from 4 to 7. The four at the high-chest are all flapped using the overlapping system take inspiration from an American truck-driver’s wallet (they keep their cash under one flap, and their receipts under the other).  They’ve added a single-sided removable ”Brassard” (a shoulder pocket that attaches via the epaulet) which has two pockets and allows for optional branding.  The epaulets themselves are also removable and they’ve changed the storm-flap closure to their own Cable Connection system. Finally, even though this
spring, there’s an interior button-set to allow the earlier Liner designs to be integrated if needed. 

 Photos & text Copyright Denham

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