Every moment
Flying away
Tiny world
Whether it is yours or not
Swinging lights in the eyes
The moment nobody wakes up
The back of a hand floating on the surface
The world of utterless color and light
A face of secret, face confidential
The earth like a blue paper
Fingers and cage
Flowers which exist nowhere else
The light loves us
Neither settled down nor flew off
I believe. That’s it
Nothing will happen
It flew away and never returned.
The world starts to bear off gradually
Tears set stars float
It was nothing but being there.
Fell asleep, covering with feathers.
Show and be gone
It was not the hand
A man is coming on feet
Man doesn’t fly off
Nothing can be seen
…and, a man was born
It is too tiny to be seen
Someone cries like when he is born.
The path remembers it
Sigh and wonder
Empty space on a straight line
Morning grown old
Flying high
Some nights
A flock of birds flying over a dream
Between unwritable and unspeakable
Assembly of emotions
Space far and above
Cloud refracting the sky
Dark, dim hazy stuff
Shimmering night
Today warm breeze comes
It flies…….
I stare…….
Things are nowhere
Everything stands there
Front and back never switch
Things about to fly halt for a little while
Ethereal as air, without wings or feet
Time erases the past and builds up on the front

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