“ANONYMES” (Anonymous) is the title of the catalogue you can download here a twisted ironic motto as an homage to masked heroes who make big things while staying in the dark.

And as an allusion to this international activist group, Anonymous, that challenges the biggest capitalist institutions.

Its Anonymous a Grateful Fatherland

in the shadows

in but stand out

among all

an illegal immigrant, as a double agent

As a
Fair one

As a
heretic, as an apostate, as a renegade

As a

As a
soldier in the Year II, as a hairy Verdun, as a face on a red poster

As a
curse abysmal poet in alcohol

As a
militant, as an activist, as a hacker

As a
black hussar of the Republic

“In the future, everyone is entitled to his fifteen
minutes of anonymity World”

Commune de Paris 1871

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris.

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