As it presents its new designs, Commune de Paris 1871 takes up the motto of the “Salon des Refusés,” which brought to the public eye so many of the most significant painters of the late nineteenth century.

Commune de Paris 1871 says no both to showy professional rebelliousness and stuffy homage to tradition and, in so doing, raises the standard of freedom.

Its palette is composed of deep blues, warm browns and, here and there, a few notes of spicy red.  Its material is rich but always delicately wrought.

The design espouses its subject to perfection, at times light, at others elaborate, but always elegant.

But what constantly strikes one is the almost manic care given to every detail, an inherited skill that was thought to be lost.

Commune de Paris 1871 re-explores the heritage boldly and with jubilation and thus presents us with the best of its art.

Photos & text Copyright Commune de Paris.

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