So what do Romain Kremer from France, Veronique Branquinho of Belgium, and Juun J. from Korea all have in common?

What captivating force can draw these radically diverse designers into the same ring?

The Chris&Tibor collaboration project!

Tibor Matyas graduated from the London College of Fashion, while Chris Liu studied art management and marketing. Both went on to work as design consultants for Burberry Prorusum before starting their own label, which was born out of a natural quest by Chris to find the perfect gym bag.

Unsatisfied by the findings, Chris decided to take a swing at designing his own, which, when spotted by Tibor, was called a sure knockout!

What’s unique about Chris and Tibor is that they fuse history, style, and a love for their city into their designs, naming all the bags after streets in London or local figures of fame.

The 2009 a/w collection is entitled “the Krays Meet Teddy Boys,” which is based on the lives of the twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray—amateur boxers turned mobsters—who held London’s East End in their grip throughout the fifties and sixties.

As nightclub owners, the Kray twins shrewdly passed themselves off as socialites, entertaining figures like Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Diana Dors, assorted lords, and MPs.

In just four years since its inception, Chris&Tibor is already selling at 65 stockists around the globe. When it comes to bags, Chris&Tibor has spiraled with some of the best!

1st photo Reggie and Ronnie Kray from Chris&Tibor.
2nd photo Tibor Matyas and Chris Liu Copyright
Slide show 2009 a/w collection Copyright

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