Rich in details, the 2011 autumn/winter collection by Christian Westphal is full of surprises.  As with last year’s collection, the silhouette is slim, elegant, and refined.


A predominant trend that permeates the collection is asymmetry, as seen—for example—with the button-up pant fly.


In addition to several geometric shirt collars, notice how several outerwear garments pose an asymmetrical collar that swoops down to the side—very reminiscent of the Chinese robes worn in the Han Dynasty.


While several jackets bear hints of the tuxedo, Christian metamorphosizes the pea coat, the tailcoat, and the smock into fashionable formalwear that is casual enough for any social occasion.


Emotions are heightened by only a mere splash of color, as matted fabrics are juxtaposed with shinier materials.


Photos Copyright Christian Westphal.

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