Chivalry, gallantry, valor—we all love to be pampered in one way or another, whether by someone opening a door or offering a seat on a bus. Ah, the chivalrous spirit!

Well, if you are not on the receiving end but rather the cavalier, now there is an entire line of clothing for you entitled “Chivalry Spirit” by Chi Zhang.

The word chivalry actually comes from the French word “chevalier,” designating someone who rides a horse. The term dates back to the “gentlemen solders” of medieval knighthood.

Knights of the Middle Ages were trained in courtesy and honor, a code of behavior that depict the contemporary cavalier!

In his 2010 spring/summer collection, Chinese designer Chi Zhang has created for us a stalwart image of Middle-Age might with brawny silhouettes of medieval knights.

If you are feeling a chivalrous this season, do not settle for just a cavalier in disguise:  Chivalry Spirit is the right look for you!


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