(March 12, 2010) Fears, fears, fears—there are many kinds of fears in this world. But one fear is known as cheimatophobia; that is, the fear of winter.

Cheimatophobiacs fear the lack of heat and, thus, tend to overdress for all occasions. Well what about the opposite situation: people who fear the heat and, hence, tend to under dress? I guess we could label this fear: thermophobia.

Now, I’m not a cheimatophobiac; but I do hate the cold! So living here near New York has been no joy ride for me throughout the brutal winter. Nevertheless, I have observed a fascinating trend—one that, well, even if I wanted to adopt, physically I could not.

When I moved to this area in September of last year, many guys were still wearing flip flops, t-shirts, and short pants. By November, I was already freezing my tush off and—to my amazement—there were still guys in flip flops, tees, and shorts!

Recently, the entire region was hit with one of the worst blizzards ever; and just this past weekend something short of a typhoon blew through the area, wreaking havoc and destruction.

Suddenly this week, the daytime temperatures have peaked at about 60° Fahrenheit (15° Celsius), and guess what? The guys are back in flip flops, short pants, and t-shirts, even in the brisk evenings!

Of course, this is not the case for all the guys, but I think you are starting to get my point, which is, first, there are no mid-seasons here. But not only—

If the guys are so intent on hanging onto to their beachwear until the last possible minute and ready to toss out their winter collection on the first less frigid day, engaging in any kind of business here requires some “thermophobic” thinking.

Hm, or maybe I should just buy some stock in flip flops! I think I may be just a bit cheimatophobic (chuckle)!

Photo Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

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