Chapter readies its menswear debut with an early
preview of the collection for A/W 2013 captured by photographer, Jimmy
Fontaine. Focused around the individual Man, Chapter’s new collection, LONE
ODYSSEY, is stylistically complex, even contradictory in design and movement
drawn together as a unified whole.

Chapter manifests a taste of importance with desire
to evoke underlying, emotional states of grandeur and visceral appeal. With an
emphasis on high-end materials that are unique, yet functional and refined, the
design is minimalistic in approach utilizing deep cimmerian hues and an
ideation of Frank Herbert’s novel, Dune.

Chapter A/W 2013 Menswear category significance:

Jersey and Fleece: An unorthodox approach and
constructed visual deception actualized through paneling and stitching.

Sweater Knits: Yarns are blended together to create
solitary patterns and colors.

Additionally, Mohair is applied for its luxurious
luster and vivid saturation of composition.

Outerwear: Fluent, yet functional details and lines
aesthetically indulge the eye through thoughtful design usage and application
of unique fabrics and notable finishes.

Woven Shirts: Progressive fabrics in Cotton blends
and introspective prints that captivate.

Bottoms: From the selected fabrics to the subtle,
attached seamless panels.


Photos & text Copyright Chapter.

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