The Calibre winter 2013 collection has a very European sensibility. This season sees inspiration by the European establishment, with subtle references to the exquisite tailoring seen on the streets of Sevile Row and the highly detailed dress uniforms worn by the Carabinieri (Italian mounted police) in Milan.

This winter, the colour palate is broken up into two very different stories. The first, shades of maroon, mustard, blue, navy and white is sharply contrasted with vivid green. The second based on all shades of winter white through to the darkest greys. This story is also contrasted with shocking pink creating a very dynamic effect.

The leading man, the protagonist, the lovable rogue…this season the Calibre man will be acting the part.  New York, the city that never sleeps. Home of the yellow taxi, Central Park, Wall St, bright lights and skyscrapers…this season Calibre brings you “Acting up Downtown”.

Photos & text Copyright Calibre.

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