Designer Konno of the Japanese label Bring on the Noise likes to compare clothing to precisely that—noise—which can sound either good or bad, depending on the individual’s sense of value.


The concept is similar to that of beauty beheld in the eyes of the beholder.

Recently, I have had the wonderful privilege to interview designer Konno and uncover what rings pleasant in his ears:

Nice to meet you Mr. Konno! Where are you from?
I am from the Fujisawa area in Kanagawa prefecture. It’s a very peaceful place and also very close to the ocean.

Can you remember when you first expressed an interest in fashion?
I believe it was in high school when I became interested in fashion.

Have you had any formal training in design?
I have never worked under a famous designer as an assistant or been educated in design or any technical skills as such.

How has that affected your work as a designer?
I believe I am not bound by existing methods, which allows for me to create new and unique things.

What is the most important skill to you as a designer?
I think that the potential for new designs and creations are not about technique but rather the ability to see things from a different angle or a new perspective.

How does that relate practically to your label?
I would like to make Bring on the Noise a brand that incorporates this kind of thought process and would also like for it to play this type of role in the scene.

What inspires you as a designer?
I take inspiration from a variety of things, for example, old photo books, vintage clothing, and fliers you find at musical venues, as well as other things. Anything with a musical element is always inspiring.

How would you sum up your look or style?
The style of Bring on the Noise is generally one with a silhouette that is very tight. This is because I think that style with tighter fits is the most stylish.

How would you describe the menswear scene in Japan?
I think of the Japanese men’s fashion scene to be very diverse. I think that Japanese people with a keen sense for fashion are quite fickle and, as a result, they are very good at combining all kinds of different styles and fashions into one.

Thank you, Konno, for your time!

Well, bring on the noise with the following picture gallery and see how it sounds to you!

Photo & slideshow Copyright Bring on the Noise.

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