As Abbie & Rose sees it, men are really just big boys who wear shirts. The label provides choice for men who stand out and make things happen, but who also knowhow to relax and have fun. The modern guy is increasingly trying to differentiate himself and stand out, including through the way he dresses, meaning clothing choice is no longer random, or the result of “buy 1, get 6 free’ offer, but rather a calculated decision in favour of original products which say something about the wearer.

They are also increasingly moving towards labels and companies that speak their language. More than ever, clothes are a form of expression. At the same time, the modern guy likes to be proactive. Whether at a professional or personal level, he takes charge of his life and doesn’t wait for things to come to him… he may even wash his own shirts! Standing out and making things happen, without forgetting to have fun, these the basics of Abbie & Rose.

Abbie & Rose is a new Belgo-French ready-to-wear label for men, born in Brussels from a meeting of enthusiasm, aesthetic and nostalgia; or rather a meeting between. Enthusiastic, Mr. Connoisseur and Mr. Nostalgia, quickly joined by Mr. Absurd.

Gilles Grosjean, Eric Boulanger, Jacques Merlen and, most recently, Quentin Ketelaers, all wanted to create a label for men that offers a casual-chic choice which takes inspiration from classic looks, with cuts that are made for the modern guy (handsome, strong and intelligent… or at least one of the three) and a strong attention to the small details that make the difference.

The roots of Abbie & Rose go far beyond Belgium. Gilles, Eric and Quentin are Belgian and Jacques is French but, patriotic considerations aside, the collections are made to go through time, travel and encounters (and numerous spins in the washing machine!) without any problems.

For their third collection, spring/summer 2013, Abbie & Rose keeps playing with fabrics – going from voile to linen, from poplin to twill and from denim to oxford – always using 100% cotton or 100% linen tonsure optimal comfort. Of course, colours aren’t forgotten, with the focus on pink, navy, purple, turquoise and green – without overlooking the male wardrobe classics: white and blue.

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