Visual Art Project Feat by Luis Carlos Aguayo for Tom Rebl

The project BARBA for TOM REBL was initiated by Luis
Carlos Aguayo, who is a great admirer of TOM REBL, the emerging star in
menswear fashion.

The project consists of three different shoots
starring three different types of bearded men; ne dark-haired, one red-haired
and one blond.

The various locations are as diverse as grass fields
with greenhouses in Liguria, an urban rooftop in Milan and visionary
architecture in Barcelona.

Luis Carlos´ inspiration was to show a different, a
very masculine and virile side of the TOM REBL man.


The cutting-edge menswear designer Tom Rebl was
raised in Germany and educated in London at the prestigious Saint Martin’s
College. He executes now his business from Italy, which is synonymous with
outstanding quality, traditional tailoring and excellent craftsmanship.

The mixture of superb technical skills and Tom´s
captivating creativity give the collections its extraordinary twist and
international appeal. TOM REBL is known for its edginess, which is loved by
people who like to cultivate an avant-garde reputation.

Since the start of the brand, ideas, individuality
and authenticity have developed the label from underground to an international
presence today with a cult following. It still works very independent, is not
influenced by commercial consumer trends and has inadvertently become a social
commentator of its generation. At present, the label is operating with distribution
in Italy (Milan), France (Paris) and Japan (Tokyo) to serve the individual markets
all over the world. TOM REBL established its firm place in the world´s leading boutiques
and department stores throughout Europe, Russia and Asia.

Carlos Aguayo

Luis Carlos Aguayo was born in Caracas.

At the age of 18, he started to assist a well-known
photographer in Venezuela.

Afterwards he finished to study in Barcelona at
IDEP, a school for visual image and design.

His work got published in numerous magazines in
Middle and South America, Spain and Italy, e.g. Lui Magazine in Italy and
France, Paperlove in Spain and Blue in Australia.

For Luis Carlos, photography is an emotion which
lasts and keeps the memories over time.

The models include Gianluca di Sotto, Olivier
Langhendries, and Jonas Linde.

Photos & text Copyright Tom REBL.

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