Imagine a Goth armoured in his bulletproof black outfit and signed off with a military
monster footprint. Now distract this man down the wrong dungeon, thumping him
in an underground rave where the walls sweat acid and the crowd glow in the
dark. Asger Juel Larsen’s ghetto grunge collection makes a mixtape of these two
worlds, exploring the similar aesthetics of a relaxed aura and a polished Goth.

The eclectic range of jackets represents the genre crossover in this collection.
Bomber jackets are often accommodated into a 90s basketball jocks wardrobe, but
Asger gives them an alternative cyber stain, like a twisted digital print
that’s become possessed and turned into a neon orientated monster. 

The skeleton head print is another hallucinogenic evolution of gothic inspiration, exploring
the palette prescription by Haitian artist André Eugène. His sculptures take
carvings from erupting earthquakes, capturing the surreal fantasy colour world
of lava with the skeleton destruction and sinister rubble left behind. It’s a
dark and beautiful art potion that looks post-apocalyptic and playful at the
same time, exploring and in some ways celebrating our delicate relationship
with death. 

Asger’s print erupts a similar vibe, with neon colours like
sinister lava, and a skull design showcasing a romantic interpretation of
death. A kilt is also given deathly flavour, needled up with electric rope at
the side, and bleeding poison green in the print. It’s a drug trip rip through
masculine conventions that blurs the lines between death and dance.

illustrates the relaxed boundaries of style, stripping down gothic dramatics to
reveal a tailored sport vein. A polo top is dedicated to black with a sharp
punch, and grey ‘East 17′ jogging pants with unavoidable logo print are
effortlessly given heavy metal admission by styling them with Palladium boots.
Slouched and shadowed, Asger’s collection modernises ‘Goth’ to give it east end
relevance and a sense of downtime.

The coats continue Asger’s collection trend of romantic wartime reference and post
apocalyptic instinct. This time it’s an exploration of the French Legion with a
futuristic ‘Prometheus’ splice. With an emphasis on block pockets that pad an
outfit, a boiler suit has never looked so intricate and pocketed with puzzles
to the eye. Unconventionally long, many of the coats statically waterfall under
the knee in matrix fashion, but accommodating this visual weight for the breezy
season is the use of nylon.

The jewelry in collaboration with CastroNYC cements the ghetto Goth persona
perfectly, with bold brass knuckles and punishing medallions. Accessories that
would be at home on a king of the streets, it plays with the image of someone
not to be messed with but who also enjoys the bling side of life.

Constantly evolving his gothic and wartime clothing tapestry, Asger is arriving into the
urban landscape and setting the scene for a spring that’s sinister, raving
romantic and overall accessible.

In loving memory of our good friend and work colleague Fabian Berner.

Photos & text Copyright Asger Juel Larson.

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