Movement 10 “The Cyanic Experiense”


aptform by MICHAIL GKINIS focus on handcrafted Futurism continues in the new SS13 collection.

Since the beginning aptform’s signature monochromic palette of various textures
created a recognizable and unique image. This season a new era is floating above the silhouettes. Shades of blue are inspired by a traditional Japanese aizome cloth. Apply them in high tech cotton textile and  fused them  with  leather through hand crafted and industrial techniques the resulted outcome is sophistication and beauty.

New cutting techniques on cotton created from experience with leather applied in unusual way. Intricate hand-knitted textiles and cotton with leather are united to create a silhouette of modern fluidity.

aptform  by MICHAIL  GKINIS  signature use  of  hand stitching,  garment  dyeing,
washing,  bleaching  and  fabric bonding techniques encapsulates the atmosphere of this vigorous collection.

Photos & text Copyright aptform.

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