My prime reason in going to Alghero was to visit the showroom of the internationally renowned Sardinian designer, Antonio Marras. Antonio’s showroom is located in the center of historical Alghero.

Born 1961 in Alghero, Antonio grew up in his father’s clothing store where he conceived a passion for fabrics and materials. His first ready-to-wear collection entailed a line of white t-shirts that he produced in 1998; whereas he completed his first menswear collection in 2002.

Far from the fashion meccas of Europe, Antonio remains attached to his roots.

Working in the scenic workshop of his own home, which overlooks the Mediterranean sea, Antonio mixes traditional Sardinian dress with additional styles like Russian constructivism, film noir of the 30’s and 40’s, and illustrators of the early 1900’s.

Antonio’s collections narrate local and global tales of tradition and innovation, nostalgic memories, and exciting things to come, as they are manufactured by the hands of local Sardinian artisans.

Identifying with his roots, Antonio reaches beyond the creative confines of his island, intertwining opposite expressions of vintage and modernity as he experiments with art, music, and literature.

Photo top left & slideshow Copyright Antonio Marras.
Photo bottom right Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

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