Now & Then:  Or Maybe Somewhere Else

Falling Leave—it
happens—one drops right next to you and grabs your attention for a moment—a cut
in the continuum, a perspective of a moment which offers two ways in stepping
forward –

Either you ignore
this little irritation, almost don’t recognize, or you get inspired, forced to
even inspect the eaves, as it happened to us when within their “sudden appearance”
an Aura arisen.

Each of the Leaves different,
a huge variety lying there on the ground—all beautiful, slightly wet, shining and
sparkling as spotted from the sunshine, rich in color tones, wintered, even
pink, autumn yellow, an ANNTIAN a/w12 variety of brown shades, purple, grey,
orange, green—all very bright, intense and almost unreal.

Their constitution
fascinating geometric, technical. Smelling of oxygen, earth, trees, wet sand,
and still fresh.

A closer look shows a
covering, kind of a chalky, “grayish”, rough, second layer—another plain, the
rotten process. The way they looked now at that moment wouldn’t ever be the same
again –

We grabbed that
moment, preserved it , sort of transfered it into a new moment, a new

NOW & THEN worships the very moment,
each moment with its wide open scale of what to make of it – when giving it the
attention needed.

Photos & text Copyright ANNTIAN

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