Ricardo Andrez always pondered the path to choose, but in high school he began showing an avid interest in fashion.

Born in Porto, Portugal, Ricardo studied Fashion Design at the Cooperativa Árvore and Citex, launching his brand in 2006 and presenting at Moda Lisboa—Lisbon Fashion Week—in 2010.

Ricardo’s sharp perspective of menswear reinterprets sportswear and streetwear into a cosmopolitan look that is classic yet eclectic, fading the boundaries of gender.

ModaLisboa-Lisbon Fashion Week, in which he keeps showing his menswear collections, focused on the development of the menswear and the cosmopolitan reinterpretation of sportswear and streetwear.

As for me, I love the detailing of this collection, as well as the flirtation with athletic wear.

Photos Copyright Andrez.

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