Finding its roots in Modernism of the 1880’s, one of the most influential schools of design was founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar, Germany.

Although the school’s doors were forced closed by the Nazis in 1933, disciples of the movement emigrated all over the world and disseminated the teachings of Bauhaus, which ultimately exerted a profound impact on industrial, graphic and interior design; color theory; painting; textiles; fashion and apparel; and, of concern to us, menswear.

Now marking its 90th birthday, Germany is celebrating with the “Bauhaus—A Conceptual Model” exhibition, which, from July 22nd to October 4th, will present approximately 1,000 objects in 18 galleries at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum in Berlin.

Bauhaus, which means “House of Building” or “Building School,” marked a new era in design after WWI and now represents a long-lasting revolution owing to its principles of form.

Keeping in step with the celebration, the 2009 spring/summer of Acne explores the Bauhaus legacy, which harmonizes function with design.

Keeping in step with the revolution, creative director Jonny Johansson integrates the Bauhaus concept in a commemoration of the Fifties’ youth, whose rebellion, sexual liberation, and pursuit of fun unleashed the modern teenage culture. In Acne’s words,

“Significantly it was also the era when jeans became a serious fashion item. Nothing said rebellion like denim. But the emphasis of the collection is on the young and playful, giving the man back the boldness of his teenage years with the Bauhaus simple sophistication.”

Acne started in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1997 with 100 pairs of jeans!

So, if you can’t celebrate Bauhaus at the exhibition in Berlin, you can still celebrate with Acne in a pair of Bauhaus-inspired jeans.

Photo 2009 spring/summer collection Copyright Acne.
Slideshow 2009 spring/summer collection Copyright

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