That Promises a Different Kind of Growth

Absolute Rebellion one of the fastest growing brands in the high-end fashion industry promises a different kind of growth than other famous brands.

Its promise is a Revolution in fashion. Founded in 2010 by the French recognized designer Pierre Benitan, Absolute Rebellion has already been accepted and recognized globally for its quality and designs. As opposed to most recognized brands whether in the fashion industry or not, who become famous locally first, then they translate their success worldwide, Pierre has managed to take Absolute Rebellion to a global outlook from the beginning.

The global appeal of this brand has come from the mixture of culture backgrounds. A US based corporation with European design apparel made in the finest fabrics worldwide, and distributed in top quality store around Middle East, Europe, South America, Caribbean and North America. “Cultures differ in many things, but they all have one thing in common, and that is the need to stand out from the crowd. The modern men wearing my designs breathe confidence and shout exclusiveness at any given point of their day; whether at a night club, art walk, or at romantic dinner,” said Mr. Benitan. The brand has a lot of room to grow, but they are certain they are in the right direction, and will continue to provide customers the best alternative for his or her wardrobe.

About Absolute Rebellion

The fastest growing brand of premium men apparel with instant global acceptance selling in the top stores worldwide and liked by many celebrities. We help modern men of all sizes worldwide maintain their status of culture and world expertise by designing high quality shirts with beautiful details made in limited editions to stand out from the crowd. Visit us on the web at

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