Domenico Vacca was born in Andria of the Puglia region in southern Italy.

As a small but ancient town, for the past 1,000 years Andria has passed through the hands of numerous empires: from Normans to Angevines, Germans to Hungarians, Aragonese to Spanish, and, finally, from the Bourbons to a united Italy.

Inheriting rich traditions from previous generations, Domenico’s grandmother operated her own fashion house in Andria with over 50 seamstresses.

No wonder, Domenico grew up to appreciate the importance of sartorial elegance and luxurious couture, even from an early age!
After studying Law in Italy, later obtaining a Masters in Law from New York University, Domenico practiced law for 10 years with a leading international law firm called Baker & Mackenzie, representing over two-thirds the Italian fashion companies that did business in the US.

After founding Italia magazine in 1994, Domenico finally launched his own clothing label in 2002. Together with his wife Julie, Domenico has combined Italian craftsmanship with over 2,000 types of superb fabrics, becoming known as the “Ferrari of clothing industry.”

In a mere 4 years after his launch, Domenico opened six stores throughout Russia, Qatar, the US, the UK, and Italy, whereby magnificent collections are hand sown by 100 master tailors and 250 seamstresses in Naples, Italy.

Domenico Vacca—a man who not only inherited the tradition of luxury but also knows the value of quality.

Photo & slideshow Copyright Domenico Vacca.

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