Another major difference in values between Italian and American male dress lies in the attention to detail.

Italian men, in general, tend to pay considerable attention to detail in their dress.

First, Italian brands incorporate assorted embellishments into their designs, such as asymmetrical pockets or necklines, double stitching, extra buttoning, playful belt hoops, and so on.

Secondly, Italian men love to accessorize. It is not uncommon for Italian men to crown their head with a pair of cool sunglasses or strap a small wallet-size bag across their shoulder. Wrist bands, ankle bracelets, and stylish scarves complete the cover!

Italian men, however, do not restrict their attention to detail solely to clothing or accessories but rather to their entire outer appearance.

Italian barbers and hairstylists, for example, exert much effort in ensuring that each “cut” corresponds to the general “look” of the male sitting in the chair. Accents of facial hair then accompany the cut to highlight the entire look.

Photo Copyright Men’s Fashion by Francesco.

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