In this article, I bring you the latest in trends set for spring/summer 2010, which have been compiled by Nelly Rodi and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

Based in Paris, Nelly Rodi operates a team of 30 forecasting professionals in 19 countries who analyze and decode new consumer behavior patterns.

The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair will be taking place 11th – 14th February 2010 at the Bella Center.

The report provides a brief overview of the colors and styles that you can expect this spring and summer. So, enjoy the trends!

Popular Appeal
Alternatively chic and more wild. A woman-child with a retro look set in a Twin-Peaks universe. She looks like Mom and he looks like Granddad. A playful, girly mood juggling vintage patterns and faded 60’s and 70’s American colors creates a mundane atmosphere with a twisted angel.

Ode to Nature
A homage to nature. Modern ceremonies, half-pagan, half-religious, which evoke the goddesses and vestal virgins of Antiquity, pre-Raphaelite paintings and symbolism. A romantic, spiritual, poetic appeal …

Light Tech
Back to the future A new beginning showing optimism and progress. Technology becomes playful in a sweet way. A new positive high-tech is restarting with references to the naivety of the 50ies.

Southern Folk
We head to South America. A creative melting pot in a mix of influences and civilizations. From this universe, we rediscover both the appealing glamour of seductive movie actresses like Maria Felix and the humble elegance of traditional folklore outfits.
Published with Permission by Bella Center.
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