Feeling nostalgic already for winter?

Let me present you with the latest trends in menswear projected for autumn/winter 2010 by Nelly Rodi and the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

Based in Paris, Nelly Rodi manages a network of 30 forecasting professionals in 19 countries who analyze and decode new consumer behavior patterns.

The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair will be taking place 11th – 14th February 2010 at the Bella Center.

Enjoy the trends! Again, sorry guys for the womenswear!

Body Performance
A ballet dancer style expressed by skin tone palettes with fleshy tones, plastery pastels and talcy mauves with some tonic accents, luminous coral, and graphic contrast of black and white.

The fabrics are supples with silky blends, enveloping knits, velvety marled cottons, unctuous leather.

Cocooning look with jumpsuit, fitness style pants, satin braids details, coarse grained and second skin fabrics.

A color range constructed around graphic black and white completed by neutral tones like gray and honey brown. Meanwhile, orange touch position itself in a direct contrast.

Fabrics are light and supple, sophisticated. Accent on synthetic fabrics as refined polyamides and polyesters alone or blended with wool, silk or cashmere for more comfort.

Softness and stretch are essentials for second skin fabrics, presence of lycra.

Product focus on jogging and sportswear outerwear.

The Retro English style of this theme is evoked by muted tones, luminous camel, greenish-blues, taupey-gray, rich burgundy. Add British cakes colors: cupcake pink, acid marmalade, electric anise, milky blueberry.

Noble materials and traditional men’s wardrobe codes (jacket for example) are feminized: re-colored tweeds, marled wools, Prince of Wales knitting, etc.

A certain form of opulence is favored with an ornamental style (jewellery), tapestry style (exuberant motifs), and precious weaves (silk twill, lame voile). Finally very basic “chino” cottons and raw denim.

Sumptuous colors with patinated velvet shades: violet, brick red, ochre, Prussian and faded blue. For bases, revolutionary inspiration with red and bronze alongside dark gray.

Reworked shabby baroque mood: 18th century upholstery, tapestry and brocade motifs are enlarged, re-colored and covered in lines and stains. Parade mood illustrated by tone-on-tone crests and braids or old gold embroideries.

Circus stars style and polka dot motifs, colorful club stripes… a delirious register: lively jacquards, tartan plaids with tie prints and reworked paisleys.

Neo-military style, baggy chic spirit, Perfecto circus, Barocco prints.

Rustic Roots
The range of green is omnipresent complete by two industrials colors: grayed and pinkish cement. A palette of autumn reds with different grape tones.

The accent is on materials associating rusticity and refinement: compact or boiled wools, tweeded flannels, quilted lining and patches and sportswear fabrics like cotton/polyamide foam back.

Focus on the reworked warp and weft, overall sequins, bi-fabrics and garments as cape and overalls.

From industrial wasteland alloys and patinas inspired the color range: somber, subtle neutrals composed of inky blue, iron gray and taupe brown. Secondary colors as greenish beige, dark bronze, teal blue, violet.

The fabrics look thick and protective, yet comfortable. Double serge of herringbone cottons are brushed inside, rough denim washed out, wools are boiled.

Surface treatments: allover or placed polyurethane coatings on wool or cotton, dyes like rust, wrinkle or waffle effects, waxy looks.

Note the military look, the chinos, the natural fabrics, double closing, buttoning.

Dark Poetry
A poetically nocturnal palette with deep black, slate gray, inky blue and deep purple completed by flaming garnet, blushing pink and hallucinogenic green.

Flashes of copper and gold. Sumptuous materials are deteriorated to evoke the wear of time. Accent on
natural mixing “patched” effect. Some ultra feminine materials: dobby silks, quivering acetate, etc.

New parade jackets, Rock spirit, patchwork grunge. Nocturnal, muffled colors from night blue, cold brown and Cyprus green, all the way to grayed Parma and more intense touch of oxblood. Base color remains in the somber register of deep blue, almost black.

Emphasis on sophisticated, warm, light, soft-touch fabric like wool and cashmere blends or brushed and sanded suiting. Mat or slightly shiny looks for synthetics. Knits are thin and generous.

Wool shawl-collared, dark and strange prints, product focus on bloomer and punk style jacket.

Published with Permission by Bella Center.


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