It’s a treasure to come across a collection of creative men’s bags, as often good accessories can be hard to come by. Rumbling through the closet in a haste to find a bag that matches my suit selection is often a challenge in itself. Certainly the men’s fashion industry presents its preference to the commonality of black or brown bag color choices; however I prefer to have a bit more originality.

Without creative designers working towards breaking the mold with a variety of styles, colors and fabrics, finding the right bag would be like discovering a needle in a haystack. And while the search for the right men’s bag may be a similar process, I’ve come to realize that things are becoming easier. With the internet we’re seeing new brands emerge all across the men’s fashion industry that spark the originality men have been seeking. No longer is your discovery limited to just one printed men’s magazine, instead the fashion culture has shifted into a massive online platform for sharing trends, making new connections, discovering new brands, and expressing personal impressions.

Hence it was possible to share my discovery of 10 creative bag designers and collections with you today. In return, you may notice the selection of men’s bags I have chosen is among a mixed variety of notoriety. Take for instance Hard Graft, which incorporates wool into their bag designs. Their collection is a personal favorite of mind, however without the progression of being able to share trends online, it would have been impossible to originally discover.

I bring this up because as a gentleman who prefers to reflect and take into consideration all things, I must say thank you to Francesco for being at the forefront of capturing men’s fashion trends. Great men like him are presenting their journey of discovery in a manner that allows new innovative brands to emerge and reach the paramount attention they deserve.

Now that I have your attention, how about we dig into the fashionable brands I’ve selected for you? Listed below are ten marvelous brand resources to explore should you be on the search for a creative and trendy gentlemen’s bag. Perhaps you’ve heard of a few, and perhaps hopefully, there are some you haven’t quite discovered yet. Whichever the case may be, I’ve been watching these brands for 2013 and out of the hundreds I follow, these 10 seemed to stand out the most. In terms of men’s bags of course, I cannot comment on their other fashionable appeal, but I love their admirable bag designs.

Presenting a treasured collection of 10 creative men’s bag designers for 2013:

Blue Lounge

Tanner Krolle

Jack Spade

Best Made

Topo Designs



Hard Graft

J.W. Hulme Co.

Herschel Supply Co.

Now that you have some bag suggestions to check out, and some inspiration and ideas to gain, you may be curious as to know how to compliment these stylish bags with your outfit. First and foremost, keep in mind during your selection process the utility and social application you have planned for a new bag.


For myself I tend to purchase designer bags that are both formal and casual. Every occasion in life present itself in a different manner, which makes having various bags on hand a must. In fact, every fashionable gentleman should have a collection in his closest, and consider bags to be worthwhile investment.

However assuming you agree with the notion, let’s get down to the real deal. If you’re checking out any of those designer bags mentioned above your mind is going to be littered with an endless number of creative options. What you decide to carry alongside your outfit will shift more towards your own personal presence. The best thing to keep in mind is perhaps the most common look most gentlemen want to achieve, “elegance”, which comes with lighter leather and darker accents, such as on the handles or stitching.  But remember that a handful of the brands mentioned are more fashionable for the casual man. If luxurious isn’t a necessity consider the biggest take away no matter the casual situation, is to simply match the bag’s design to your shoes.

So there you have it, let the bag enhance your outfit. After all, that’s the point of wearing an accessory in the first place! Now you’ve eliminated one of the biggest challenges, the selection process of finding a creative, well crafted, and well designed men’s bag. With that said explore on, adventure onto new avenues of fashion, and be willing to share your discoveries with the rest of the world!

Guest Post by Brian Cornwell

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