Although the fashion line was conceived in 2003, this year 0044 paris is celebrating its 10th anniversary of Revolutionary Romanticism. Director Seiichiro Shimamura has been unveiling this philosophy through interior design, artistic creations, and “made-in-France” fashions, which rise from poetry and short films and spring into shapes of clothing and accessories.

The flagship store of 0044 paris—a museum of sorts—is located in Marais at 16 rue du Bourg-Tibourg. Floral scenes and a Siberian Woolly Mammoth skull juxtapose unexpectedly, welcoming the visitor with intriguingly beautiful originality to reflect upon life, death, extinction, renewal, and how the marriage of opposites can invent a new aesthetic.Red greets the visitor with passion, rebellion, revolution, and fire—inspiring you with every- and anything that deals with heat. The beauty of archaeology shakes your hand through fossilized skulls of extinct mammals, longstanding symbols of a Punk culture.History will transport you through time to a large-scale imaginative world of mysterious fascination. The faith of others will hand you back in time through a French heritage of Catholic art, which will instruct you in the beauty of sublime.

Click on the slideshow of this year’s current and future seasons to celebrate with 0044 paris a happy 10th anniversary!

Photo & slideshow 2009 spring/summer & autumn/winter collections Copyright by 0044 paris.

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